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Before the rise of Azlant, before the coming of the Starstone and the salvation of man from the children of the cold-hearted, shifting Lord of Coiling-Poison, before the continents we know had taken shape, when the mountains and waters had names long forgotten, the Masters ruled interstellar empires outside the wildest imaginings of humble, frail humanity.

In the dark below the earth, they sleep in dreamless holds. Waiting.

They were once the undisputed masters of Golarion… and in the coming of unknown epochs, they may rule again.

The Serpent’s Skull, and Other Tales of Two-Fisted Adventure!

Influenced by early 20th-Century adventure pulps, jungle flicks and serials from Hollywood’s golden age, and the gory green hell cinema of the late 70’s, AGE OF SERPENTS is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign utilizing material from the published Paizo path “Serpent’s Skull.” One might say that it is Serpent’s Skull, AND BEYOND!

Players will be trailblazing through primeval forests, raiding hidden temples, discovering lost cities, and contending with savage tribes. While there is an “overplot” involving an ancient evil that the PCs become entangled in, much of Age of Serpents entails free-form exploration. The escapades of the characters — what locations they explore, how they approach challenges, who ends up as allies or enemies — are largely in the player’s hands.

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Age of Serpents

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