Riedra is a vast empire on the planet Castrovel, encompassing almost the whole continent of Sarlona. The primarily human and lashunta populous is ruled by The Inspired, mortal vessels for the sinister quori. The only opposition to Riedra’s supremacy is the mountain region of Adar, a stronghold of the elves and kalashtar.

History: The land of Sarlona was once a collection of different nations. The quori invaded the dreams of the land’s leaders and pushed them toward conquest or defeat until most of the nations were brought under Inspired control. Today, the former nations are provinces within Riedra which are maintained by Inspired governors and inhabited by loyal and docile citizens. While there are pockets of rebellion, and wild areas of Riedra remain outside of government control, most in the Land of Unity are zealous worshipers of The Inspired who follow their religious leaders without question.

Geography: The land of Riedra, while mostly covered by jungle, contains a huge variety of environments and features. In the south are rainforests containing massive trees and creatures, including the Shanjueed which straddles the border with Adar, and stately pine forests in the north. Mountain ranges form the border between Riedra and the Tashana Tundra. In the southwest, the Andnemun Desert marks the fluid border with Syrkarn. The eastern shore of Riedra is made of the islands of Ohr Kaluun which enclose Koralandaluun Bay. There are also two inland seas, the Kelneluun and the much larger Rhialuun, which break up the drier lands to the west.

Government: The Inspired are unquestionably the rulers of Riedra and they have their sights set still on the rest of Castrovel and on Golarion. Though only those inhabited by quori spirits are truly Inspired, even those from Chosen families are favored over other humans. Elves and kalashtar are not tolerated within the borders of the nation, branded as dangerous because they are less susceptible to quori influences, and other beings are highly suspect. Changelings are a step above humans, however, as their changeable form is seen as an expression of their spiritual nature. Shifters and lashunta are an important part of Riedran society as soldiers and administrators even though they are thought of as lesser beings in the hierarchy of Riedran religion.

The Thousand Eyes: A group of changelings and psionic spies that watches the people or Riedra for internal dissension. Few Thousand Eyes agents operate outside of Sarlona but The Inspired recognize that traitors can be everywhere.

The Dreaming Dark: Not really a part of the government of Riedra, the Dreaming Dark is the organization behind quori machinations abroad. The agents of this organization operate throughout Castrovel and Golarion and are some of the most daunting operatives of The Inspired.


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