Dream Merchants



People always want what they cannot have, and every new law creates a source of profit for those who challenge it.

The major challenger in Riedra is a cabal known as the Dream Merchants. The Merchants are Denizens of Leng, smugglers first and foremost, who run contraband such as drugs and slaves between Castovel and Golarion. They also provide a black market for Riedrans who want goods beyond the basic tools of survival provided by The Inspired. In the bastions, the Dream Merchants provide other criminal services: theft, forbidden information, fencing of stolen goods, even assassination.

The Dream Merchants, while established in Sarlona’s cities, are rarely seen in the villages. Individual merchants sometimes travel between villages, posing as couriers. They carry bags of holding containing a wide range of contraband goods they can exchange with villagers. Wandering merchants are very careful about whom they reveal their true nature to, since one misstep could bring death. Although most Riedrans have heard of the Dream Merchants, common wisdom is that these people are the direct servants of the evil spirits, sent to tempt and test the devotion of the innocent. Loyal Riedrans report such criminals immediately.

The Merchants maintain a number of outposts on the islands of Ohr Kaluun, where they dock vessels capable of traversing the void between planets.

Dream Merchants

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