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Our central characters, adventurers heroic and mercenary! Gold or glory set these daring explorers on a course to challenge the perils of the primal jungles!

Dornas! Human Hex Magus
Dornas-token.png A Taldan dilettante and Azlanti devotee on a quest for fame and fortune far away from his noble family—which serves both parties fine. Finding himself the sole legatee of a distant and eccentric Sargavan relative, what treasures, or trouble, could he have inherited?
Kishtari! Kalashtar Telepath
Kishtari-token.png A refugee and fugitive from another world, will this impetuous and powerful young psion ever find the gateway she seeks to her homeland in the heavens? Or will the heavens burn in the spiritual conflict that consumes the greatest of her kind?
Kor’lec! Half-elf Jungle Druid
Korlec-token.png Raised by his elven mother’s tribe, this stoic and moralistic half-elf has been abroad on a vision quest with questions about his heritages. Is he ready for the answers? And what is behind his dark dreams of a dragon’s depravity?
Monica Montana! Human Bardic Archeologist
Monica-token.png This neophyte archeologist has come up with some unorthodox theories during her extensive research of the Mwangi Expanse — and quite a few have turned out to be true! Eager to continue her education in the field, will this polymath’s academic discoveries uncover a mythos for which she’s fated to feature?
Tyst! Halfling Werebadger Ninja
Robbed of his recent memories, but trained in the past as a living weapon by a terrible assassin cult, what mysteries lie buried in the depths of this lycanthrope’s subconscious? And who’ll suffer should he ever burrow his way to the truth?

Friends and Foils

An epic supporting cast of major allies, enemies, romantic interests, and everything in-between.

Aerys Half-Elf Pirate
Aerys-token.png A surly Shackles buccaneer with a surprising penchant for sensitive poetry, Aerys once adored a good brawl and a strong drink afterward (or before, or whenever). Struggling with heartache and sobriety, can her friends prevent the lovelorn pirate from plummeting off the wagon, long enough for her to win her truest passion?
Gelik Gnome Con-artist
Gelik-token.png Performer, Pathfinder, journalist, gallant—there is little this young Renaissance gnome hasn’t accomplished in his short lifetime (or so he claims—with dramatic aplomb). But will stark reality and his affection for a fellow castaway strip this figurative emperor of his clothes?
Ilton the Evil Brownie Psychotic Fey Assassin
Ilton-token.png Ilton Nie, alias “The Evil Brownie” has his butcherous eyes on the Castaways. Just who is associated with this maniacal Bloodcove based contract killer? What does one owe the other, and will that debt finally be paid in a shedload of blood?
Jask Derindi Fugitive Cleric
Jask-token.png Among the Smuggler’s Shiv castaways was this shackled prisoner who turned out to be a priest of Nethys, framed for his employers’ crimes. Grateful to be a free man, can the heroes secure Jask’s innocence with the proper authorities?
Likki Monkey Goblin Seer
Likki-token.png A Mongrukoo oracle and son of their chief, Basako, this savage, yet good natured goblin joined the Castaways in Smuggler’s Shiv. Not well-regarded by his tribe, his destiny seemed to lie in the lands beyond his island home. But is his fate his own, or will it be decided by the demon that lurks in his very blood and soul?
Nemanji! Tiefling Jungle Hunter Barbarian
Nemanji-token.jpg.png Born among demons to fulfill a sinister prophecy, Nemanji vanished after saving the lives of the Shiv Castaways. Has this this ferocious hunter finally succumbed to his fiendish nature?
Salleh’thiel Wild Elf Druidess
Sellah-token.png Kor’lec’s elven mother betrayed a tribal secret to an outsider, Kor’lec’s human father! What will become of this high priestess now that her perfidy has been revealed?
Sasha Nevah Teenaged huntress
Sasha-token.png Trained from childhood to deadly efficacy by the Red Mantis, what turmoil will this young girl’s estranged family—or her own manic obsessions—cause for her old friends?


Prehistoric landscapes, crumbling ruins, remote villages, lost cities—hot, steaming, exotic locales abound to experience, explore and conquer.

Bloodcove City in the Boughs!
bloodcove-token.png An Aspis Consortium trading stronghold, everyone knows that the town’s name really refers to what its wealth is built on. Within Bloodcove’s twisting boardwalks, rafts, and stilt-houses—all resting on the intertwined roots of massive mangrove trees—the “civilized” world of pirates, slavers, smugglers, and hardhearted traders has it’s fangs firmly sunk into the Expanse.
Mwangi Expanse The Green Inferno!
mwangi-token.png An adventurer’s paradise, a land of uncharted wilds and endless exploration, inhabited by strong, hard, and proud tribesfolk whose culture dates back farther than recorded history. Dangers lurk at every turn in these unforgiving jungles and sweltering savannas, such as cutthroat agents of greedy factions, prehistoric beasts, man-eating plants, and intelligent, demon-worshiping apes.
Saventh-Yhi The Lost City of Azlant!
Saventh-token.png What once was lost has been found! But should it have remained so? The legendary lost city of the ancients is the most sought-after ruin in all Golarion! Long dismissed by scholarship as fictitious, but discovered by the Castaways to be a real place, what amazing treasures and earth-shattering secrets does this place hold? What powers are hidden within, that draw the eyes of mortals and gods alike across planets and planes, to decide the fate of worlds? Who will claim them, and who will perish in the attempt?
Smuggler’s Shiv The Accursed Isle!
shiv-token.png An island of dubious reputation and maritime folklore, located 40 miles west of the coastal city of Eleder. Local legends hold that the place draws ships to their doom and that it is haunted by the hungering dead.


Cults, conglomerates, governments — these parties all play a role and play for keeps in the unfolding saga. Most often for themselves, sometimes for ill, but rarely for good, here are the organizations our heroes contend or collaborate with.

Aspis Consortium Ruthless Mercantile Empire
Aspis-token.png These ruthless capitalists are ever present in the Expanse, seeking new business opportunities and protecting their interests by any means necessary. With access to endless resources, who can stand against them?
Pathfinder Society Academic Explorers Club
Pathfinder-token.png If there was ever a place ripe for discovery, it is the Mwangi Expanse. What secrets will these bold explorers liberate from the green inferno?
Red Mantis Fanatical Assassin Cult
Red_Mantis-token.png Whispered rumors of these deadly killers increasing their presence in the area are running rampant. What—or who—could these murderous zealots be after?
Rivermen’s Guild Cutthroat Criminals’ Guild
Rivermens-token.png Hard-bitten barge sailors and pirates pursuing plunder, the Rivermen are the scourge of the Mwangi waterways. In their relentless quest for hidden treasures, will “X” mark the spot?
The Sargavans Flailing White Ethnocracy
Sargava-token.png The former colony hopes to preserve it’s nationhood by expanding its reach into uncharted territory. Will their agents succeed, or will they be devoured by the denizens lurking within?


Herein are the serialized trials and tribulations of those who dared to challenge the savage laws of the jungle!

Season 1, Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv!

Episode 1, Airdate 5/19/16 Breakfast is Served!
ep1-token.png The adventure begins with our heroes shipwrecked on an island of danger and mystery! While fending off terrible tidepool scavengers, the questions are: who could be responsible? and how hard they’ll pay?
Episode 2, Airdate 5/31/16 The Wreck of the Jenivere!
ep2-token.png Matters of supplies and survival take a back seat to recovering weapons, rescuing pets, and getting answers. A likely culprit is exposed, but will the island’s undead epidemic complicate finding her?
Episode 3, Airdate 6/14/16 Eyes in the Night!
ep3-token.png Kai the pet velociraptor tears apart a zombie but is an unwitting spy for the explorers’ sworn enemy. Who truly controls this powerful living weapon? And after escaping a sinking shipwreck with minimal supplies, how will our heroes assure their survival? and what else watches them from the dark treetops?
Episode 4, Airdate 6/21/16 Monkey’s Bum!
ep4-token.png When the castaways decide to climb inland to higher ground, some natives make their intentions obvious—but are they the enemies they appear to be? And will a widening divide in ethics consume the party before the Shiv even has a chance to?
Episode 5, Airdate 7/12/16 Gob-Webs!
ep5-token.png Continuing their ascent up Black Widow Bluff results in an ambush by swarm-wrangling gremlins, and a timely rescue by unlikely new friends. Agreeing to become involved in their war, can our heroes really trust these savage humanoids, who worship a baboon-faced demon lord?
Episode 6, Airdate 7/26/16 The Cricket Pitch!
ep6-token.png By Jiminy! Facing their fiercest foe yet in the form of the unforgiving tropic sun, the castaways seek shelter. But does the cave they’ve chosen hide an even greater hazard? And will a valuable clue cast a different light on the war for Black Widow Bluff?
Episode 7, Airdate 8/2/16 Fight With All Your Mites!
ep7-token.png The castaways storm the forbidding cavern lair of the Klixarpillar, intending to rescue the Mongrukoo captives, honor their agreement with Cenkil, and put an end to the goblin-mite war once and for all! Inside, not all is as it seems. Will our heroes choose to reveal the startling truth about the Swarm?
Episode 8, Airdate 8/9/16 Legacy of Fiends!
ep8-token.png Not entirely satisfied with their role in the outcome of the war for Black Widow Bluff, the heroes nevertheless agree to a well-deserved feast in their honor. Secrets and intrigues are whispered among the guests and hosts, but will a certain party crasher assure the festivities get really loud?
Episode 9, Airdate 8/23/16 House of the Hive Queen!
ep9-token.png An amazing eldritch discovery awaits our heroes in the unexplored dark of the Hive Queen’s chambers, but someone abandons the group! Can the heroes salvage the web-strewn secrets before the demons that vex them tear them further apart?
Episode 10, Airdate 8/30/16 Wing and a Prayer!
ep10-token.png With a growing pile of treasure collected after just a few days, base camp security becomes an issue, while some are loathe to let any of their fellow castaways fend for themselves. The heroes strike south on the trail of Sasha Nevah, but is the reckless teenage assassin worth the trouble that always follows her?
Episode 11, Airdate 9/13/16 Secrets of the Strand!
ep11-token.png Having agreed to a queue of favors for their fellow survivors, the questing castaways trek southeast along the Shiv’s shipwreck-strewn strand. A fortuitous find makes their future path clear, but will their determination to make good on a promise to Jask condemn them to an early grave?
Episode 12, Airdate 9/27/16 Battle for the Brine Demon!
ep12-token.png Nemanji arrives in time as Dornas takes a fall and the Castaways brace themselves for a protracted battle on the slippery rocks. The skeleton crew and their undead commander prove surprisingly coordinated and resilient. While dead men tell no tales, will the wreck’s treasures expose the heart of the Demon’s?
Episode 13, Airdate 10/11/16 Home Wrecked!
ep13-token.png This is the true story… of ten strangers… marooned on a desert island… take on the jungle and move into a cramped shipwreck… to find out what happens… when adventurers stop being polite… and start getting real…?
Episode 14, Airdate 10/18/16 Thorny Entanglements!
ep14-token.png Forced to fight a crafty foe in a maze of thorns, treachery injects a poison not easily remedied. Kor’lec is held up by a potential ally demanding a sadistic choice, but can even the druid turn the tide? The fruits on the vine may hang low, but after the brambles are unraveled, who will be hung out to dry?
Episode 15, Airdate 10/25/16 Shiver Me Timbers!
The castaways are split into two groups that both face monstrous threats, but can these isolated menaces each be blessings in disguise? And when a spirit from the past comes fluttering back from the grave for revenge, will our heroes let Likki pay the ultimate price?
Episode 16, Airdate 11/10/16 Path of Redemption!
Resolving to confront the cannibal Thrunefangs, the heroes ascend the path less traveled. But can the human tribe possibly as bad as they’ve heard? New friends are made with unlikely accommodations; and when it’s time for Likki to duel Pollock to settle their tribal vendetta, will just deserts be given or received?
Episode 17, Airdate 11/17/16 Food of the Gods!
The Castaways meet the so-called Spirit of the Island, but in the ancient being’s presence, not all are humble. Is the price for her succor worth the trouble? And when predators of land, sea, and air challenge their every step, will the quarrelsome explorers finally learn to trust one another?
Episode 18, Airdate 12/01/16 Grey Matter!
Another Castaway from the Jenivere reveals his presence in time to join the expedition to the fungus-covered Isle of Never Going There. But how has this amnesic managed to avoid detection from several highly-skilled trackers? What grim discovery sets off an urgent series of events leading to the climax of Smuggler’s Shiv?
Episode 19, Airdate 12/06/16 Invasive Species!
The party press their attack against the gray islet’s fungus-men, and uncover damning signs of the doom that fell upon Aerys, Sasha, and Gelik. Faced with a ticking clock, will our heroes rescue their friends before the fiendish infection consumes them?
Episode 20, Airdate 12/13/16 Toxic Reactions!
The Castaways divide their forces on the deck of the Nightvoice, and face a horde emboldened by the Abyss itself. By the time our heroes reach the hostages they’re determined to rescue, whose lines will be broken, the fiendish fungoids’, or their own?
Episode 21, Airdate 12/20/16 Destiny’s Hinges!
In the fungal caverns beneath the Isle of Never Going There, we discover whether or not our heroes have what it takes to challenge a god! Legends are made, but when struck close to home, will they be made of triumph or tragedy?
Episode 22, Airdate 01/17/17 Game Trail!
Jask has been taken by the diabolical cannibals of Smuggler’s Shiv! Our heroes set out overland to the old priest’s rescue, but with their heavy hitters and healer still MIA, are the Castaways biting off more than they can chew?
Episode 23, Airdate 02/02/17 Cannibal Cataclysm!
Stealth fails the Castaways’ valiant attempt to silently spirit Jask away from the barbaric cannibals. With their backs to a cliff and a bloodthirsty horde arrayed against them, a strategic withdrawal takes its toll in lives. When the last blade falls, who will emerge from the killing fields the masters of Smuggler’s Shiv?
Episode 24, Airdate 02/07/17 The High Chief’s Aegis!
The chance to escape Smuggler’s Shiv is within reach, and the Castaways attempt to take the lighthouse tower where the high chief holds court. Deadlocked with the cannibals, the action takes an unexpected turn. When the smoke clears in the Thrunefang throne-room, who’s left burned?
Episode 25, Airdate 02/16/17 Boils and Ghouls!
In the subterranean domain of Mama Thrunefang, the cannibal tribe’s ancient dead prove hungrier than their living descendants! A search for the answers that have eluded the Castaways concludes with a momentous discovery! But in resolving a mystery, have they only realized a very big problem?
Episode 26, Airdate 02/23/17 Shrine of the Serpent Lords!
A cathedral to the Father of Serpents! A shrine older than humankind! Our heroes surrounded by the prehistoric dead! Beneath the rapacious eyes of the Headless King, who will draw first blood in this declaration of war?
Episode 27, Airdate 03/16/17 Unfinished Business!
Following their hard fought battle for the occult revelations contained in Ydersius’s cathedral, the party are confronted by the despicable Mamma Thrunefang! Will the cannibal priestess induct our heroes into her court of hungering dead? Should they win the day, will the the Castaways be too late to prevent Ieana’s evil plans?
Episode 28, Airdate 03/23/17 In Darkened Storm or Sunlight Glare!
The party set out from Aycenia’s grove to face Ieana at Red Mountain, leaving their allies to reflect on the people that the Shiv has shaped into heroes. Having all but tamed the jungle island, one ferocious foe remains in between the Castaways and their quarry. Will this Devil finally receive his due?
Episode 29, Airdate 04/04/17 Blood in the Water!
ep29-token.png Springing sharks! Mephit pranks! Ancient ceremonies, murderous moppets, undead serpentmen, AND the hands of a god? For our heroes, it’s all in a day’s work! But will the benighted terrors of Zura’s Sanguine Sanctorum force the Castaways to clock out before their job is done?
Episode 30, Airdate 04/20/17 Rolling Snake Eyes!
ep30-token.png The blood-soaked season finale! As the Castaways close in on the serpentine Ieana, they are ambushed by a ferocious old ally. Will that feral figure prove to be the deciding factor in the fateful, final fight between our heroes and their ophidian foe? What astonishing mystery — chiseled throughout the ancient vampire cult’s chapel — lies behind the serpentine woman’s sinister plots ?

Season 2, Red River to Ruin!

Episode 31, Airdate 4/27/17 Buried at Sea!
Murder on the high seas! Surrounded by the scalawags of the Red Gull, our heroes learn of their rescuers’ less-than-noble intentions. Who will be caught red-handed for the cold-blooded killing of Captain Snake-Eyes?


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