Likki's surviving wife, interim tender of Aycenia's Grove


This petite mottled brown-green goblin girl is roughly 2’6" but moves with a regal comportment befitting one of high station and wisdom. Her pupil-less eyes glow a eerie green as she scrutinizes you with her chin raised. She wears a simple harness affixed with animal skulls, a necklace of claws, and gold rings in her ears.


Boon? No
Contact? No
Relationship? No


Vershnat is the wife of Likki and the mother of Nemanji II. She lives at Aycenia’s grove, raising her rambunctious son with the help of the dryad and, occasionally, her father-in-law Basako.

Vershnat is a formidable and regal woman, whom even Likki’s mysterious demonic ancestor feared to possess and expend. She is a natural divine magician, a talent Aycenia hopes to hone for the betterment of her grove and the island that the dryad and her allies, the Mongrukoo monkey goblins hope to protect. When it comes to her child, Vershnat expects and receives support from Aycenia, whom is otherwise used to being “in charge.”

The goblinoid has invented a slew of colorful epitaphs whenever her unruly offspring causes her trouble.

As it was the intention of Basako and Aycenia to shift the worship of the Mongrukoo monkey goblins of Smuggler’s Shiv from Mechuiti to the Green Faith, Vershnat has been receptive to druidic training by her hostess and friend. But, like her husband, Vershnat is stubbornly loyal to the “idea” of the demon lord Mechuiti and struggles to commingle her existing ideology with the ideology she is learning.


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