Undead dragon connected to Kor'lec through dreams


This gargantuan creature once might have been a mighty blue dragon, but now it’s an undead monstrosity with putrefying flesh barely hanging on a fossilized skeleton.


Boon? No
Contact? No
Relationship? Yes, Kor’lec, 1 (Rival)


Nymdragoth was an undead blue dragon of considerable magical power connected somehow with the awakening serpentfolk. Apparently based on Castrovel, the wyrm’s history was revealed in pieces to Kor’lec through the adventurer’s dreams. Nymdragoth began appearing in the druid’s dreams at the time he and the other Castaways were first marooned on Smuggler’s Shiv.

In each of the dreams, Kor’lec saw through the monster’s eyes, and only later was it apparent that the connection went both ways.

Dream 1, Death of a Dragon

Nymdragoth waits on a mountaintop for an inevitable fight. Just before the battle begins, one of the assailants calls Nymdragoth “little brother.” Those who’ve come to kill Nymdragoth are other “front-horned” blue dragons, too many for the wyrm to stand against. As he perishes, Korlec is privy to the dragon’s final thoughts of resurrection and vengeance, and his allegiance to a “new mother.”

Dream 2, Call of the Monolith

item_-_snake-temple3.jpgThis dream occurs a few days after Nymdragoth recalls a voice “from the Dreamlands” that is simultaneously sweet and an echoing hiss. The voice says: “Release me, and you shall live forever.” Nymdragoth associates the voice with a monolith, a jade stone depicting a humanoid torso with serpents for limbs, a “skirt” of snakes, and two snakes for a head touching to form a face. He must have succeeded, because when Nymdragoth looks into a pool, Kor’lec sees the reflection of an undead monstrosity.

Unbeknownst to Kor’lec at the time, the dreaming Nymdragoth was seeing Kor’lec’s face at the same time

Dream 3, Battle for Syrkarn

In this dream, Kor’lec finds himself inside the body of an elven druid on an unfamiliar world. There are other members of the hide-armored druidic order around him, including one elder that looks like it could be an ancestor of Kor’lec’s. Their armors are fashioned from unknown creatures. Other allies include elven warriors, squat antennaed men and fair antennaed women riding great lizards, and strange-hued humanoids with crystalline armor. They are arrayed atop a cliff, overlooking a battle. Kor’lec sees that the opposing army is made up of powerful serpentfolk magic-users, scores of strange snake-like monsters both humanoid and otherwise, and massive serpentine constructs. The crystal armored allies fly over the battlefield and open third eyes on their foreheads that unleash powerful psionic destruction on the ophidian battalions. The antennaed aliens ride down into the fray shouting “for Syrkarn!!

Someone shouts “Nymdragoth is coming” and an undead dragon flies over the battlefield, devastating his enemy’s infantry with swaths of black lightning. Finally, the elder druid asks the person Kor’lec has inhabited, “it is safe then?” Kor’lec fumbles a bit, but assures him that it is. He tries to see his reflection in the dint of his scimitar but—worringly—sees Nymdragoth’s face. “It must be taken to the Library of Last Resort,” the elder says, “only there will it be hidden from his sight.” Kor’lec says he understands, and discovers the “it” in his pack is a mummified eye as big as a humanoid head. The elder druid notices something with Kor’lec’s—or Nymdragoth’s—elven vessel is amiss. The old man buries a scimitar in “Kor’lec’s” gut before shouting “spy!”

Nymdragoth, now with Kor’lec behind his eyes, is actually in his cave controlling the now-dead druid spy. The undead wyrm on the battlefield was, likely, a decoy. This time, the undead wyrm addresses Kor’lec. “Who are you?” Kor’lec proclaims that he’ll find out soon enough. Nymdragoth says he remembers seeing Kor’lec’s face before, when he became undead “hundreds of years ago, as the mammals reckon time.” After some tit-for-tat, the monster reveals he can perceive other things in Kor’lec’s world—-that the communion is very much two-way.


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