Savage demon-swawn


Day 22,630

Bye Hesediel

Hesediel dead, killed by Gorilla King, eaten by children.
Hesediel said Nemanji not show where Nemanji was, but Nemanji DID get found
Nemanji see where they put Hesediel’s gear. Nemanji see them give to
Gorilla King before Gorilla King see Nemanji. Nemanji able to get away by
nature of Jungle, HUGE beast Nemanji no see before chase them off.

Day 22,631

Nemanji Sad

Hesediel gone, Nemanji try crushing pirate skulls to be sad no more, it no
work. Nemanji still sad, oh well me guess Nemanji continue Hesediel work and kill
more bad guy.

Day 26,280

Hesediel Still Dead

It 3,650 suns since Hesediel dead, for town people it mean “ten year mark”
for me it more sacred. Nemanji will visit place where Hesediel find me, before
going to place he take me from. It strange it been many suns since Hesediel
take me, some reason Nemanji see that place as shelter.. home.

Day 26,288 p1

Nemanji Still Sad

Nemanji walk path and found prize. Here from big tree me shoot
arrow that would put Nemanji on current path. Me go look at temple now.

Day 26,288 p2

No One Here

This no make sense why temple so clean? Temple was ruin when Nemanji live here.
no crack in wall, no dent in metal, all pillar GOOD condition, how? Nemanji no like,
something wrong here, me look around. Found passage under old temple master bed,
it take me down very very long way it get very hot and slimy feeling.

Day 26,288 p3

Scary Mask

Me found underground tree. It covered in Moss and rock
and it bright down here but no fire anywhere. Me find tree with mask in middle
of strange place. Me felt off about taking it so me try to leave it alone.
Roots grab Nemanji rip mask off tree and put on Nemanji.
Nemanji get strange vision me on Gorilla King throne dying jungle all around,
corpses in piles everywhere I turn, Hesediel corpse underneath Nemanji foot.
Armed warriors surrounding piles of corpses I stand up and all warriors kneel down.
Nemanji wake up and roots let go. Me put mask down on ground and try to leave but
even Nemanji could no do it. Nemanji walk maybe 2 foots and turn around for mask.

Day 26,288 p4

Temple Ruin Again

Make up mind temple! Nemanji leave underground and find temple in bad condition again.
Temple need to decide if it gonna be strong or ruin!

Day 26,289

Nemanji Like Mask

Nemanji find that climb better with mask, might help with hiding Nemanji from
Pirates.. Not that Nemanji need to hide.

Day 29,930

Long Time

Hesediel been dead long time. Nemanji give 20 year memory day as town folk do.
Light candle and put with many things person like infront of picture of person.
Nemanji no have picture of Hesediel so Nemanji put infront of Hesediel old helmet

Day 30,225

Pirate Got Help

New enemy strong, stronger even than Nemanji! Maybe it time Nemanji
leave town behind for now to go look for reasons for visions and killings.

Day 30,253

New Friend?

Nemanji hear new thing kill pirates.
townsfolk say it not natural thing that it demon that it bad for
all, Nemanji think anything bad for pirates good for Nemanji.
Nemanji can no help remember story Hesediel tell Nemanji about when
Hesediel young how town people burn down house, kill parent’s and
call him monster he say that why he decide to help town people.
Now that Nemanji think about it Hesediel strange.

Day 30,258


Hesediel belongings been go missing. Nemanji don’t know who
or why to take them. The best of Hesediel gear in hands of Gorilla King
now what left is decent but better still very easy to find.

Day 30,295

Oh Joy

Nemanji 30,295 day celebration getting boat sunk on no where land with people
me not know. Survival not be easy must be strong and harsh to survive
no where land.r

Day 30,295 p2

Good Day!
Nemanji have good day, got to climb giant boat that sunk and found kid that
Nemanji help like Hesediel help Nemanji! Saw big scary dark flappy thing too
and dead goblin and goat. Nemanji think this island be fun!

Day 30,296

Big Stick

Nemanji find big stick yesterday, perfect for smashing little crab creatures.
Me think Nemanji keep stick.

Day 30,296 p2


We finally go do stuff! We explore island now maybe find stuff to kill
look like another good day! Only problem is Nemanji not know if should share
past and prophecy with boat sink strays or not..

Day 30,297

Maybe Hint

Nemanji find new Goblin friend Likki he fun, seem to like Nemanji plenty and
good warrior. He praise aspect of Maluiki aspect of Angazhan, maybe even with
tiny world he help Nemanji find out about past.


Nemanji was born in a ruined temple in the hills surrounding Kho to an Elvish mother and a Demonic father.
He is said to be the risen prophet and son of the demon lord Angazhan. When he was a boy he met the Aasimar cleric
Hesediel who spared Nemanji and took him in after Hesediel slaughtered the rest of the temple inhabitants.
He then lived in the vast jungles of the Mwangi Expanse only occasionally being brought into the town,
(Usually Bloodcove). What most did not know about his visits to this place was that they always had a purpose
that purpose usually being the elimination (under the guidance of Hesediel) of some cruel pirate captain who was
attempting to seek refuge there. Until very recently even twenty long years after Hesediel’s death at the hands of the Gorilla King,
Nemanji still attempted to weed out the wicked of Bloodcove until the memory dawned on him of his prophesied
goal of destruction and chaos. Now, due to such a vivid and disturbing thought he seeks to discover if he is truly the
prophet and son of Angazhan or simply another wishful thought by a demonic cult. To discover, does he truly assassinate his targets
for the good of the people of the city, or is it only the need to fill his insatiable blood-lust that drives him forward?


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