Monica Montana

Gunslingin' archeologist


Many people from her homeland look upon the eccentric archaeologist with derision, being a first born child and expelled from a high born family and stripped of her name for refusing an arranged marriage to a woman and using the wedding funds on an elixir of sex shifting, can do that to someone. But even from a young age, while other children mocked her girlish mannerisms, Monica always found friends within books and tales of adventures and new discovery by brave souls from all walks of life. It was a great honor when she was inducted into the Pathfinder Society, one place where she could be an academic without uncomfortable questions about her past or her true name.

That came to a halt however when despite her fangirling over every Society journal, she got a rude awakening in the truth about actual society politics. She had no background in actual adventuring to her name that would have given her the prestige she needed to take on the corruption and when she publically outed a venture captain for malfeasance and corruption, so began her time in the wilderness, so to speak. If she could put her money where her mouth is, and bring to the great lodge discoveries from the field worthy of publication, she could earn back the respect she deserves.

Monica is plucky and flirty with many of the people she meets but gets very serious when it comes to respecting the past or doing the right thing. She is a fan girl of both the Pathfinder Society but also is enthralled with the opportunities abound to discover new things. The name she uses is not her birth name, first because it is a boy’s name, it is embarrassing to her and second because she was stripped of her name and so she is prone to using surname aliases while traveling to keep people from her past from finding her, either other Taldor nobles who know of her rejection by family or folks from the Society with grudges about the secrets she knows. “Montana” sounded like a name worthy of an adventurer.

Monica Montana

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