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Before the rise of Azlant, before the coming of the Starstone and the salvation of man from the children of the cold-hearted, shifting Lord of Coiling-Poison, before the continents we know had taken shape, when the mountains and waters had names long forgotten, the masters ruled empires outside the wildest imaginings of humble, frail humanity.

In the dark below the earth, they sleep in dreamless holds. Waiting.

They were once the undisputed masters of Golarion… and in the coming of unknown epochs, they may rule again.

About this Campaign

AGE OF SERPENTS is Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign primarily utilizing material from the published Paizo adventure path “Serpent’s Skull.” One might say that it is Serpent’s Skull and beyond. Secondary plot material comes from the classic “Age of Worms” adventure path, also published by Paizo. Those familiar with both Age of Worms and Serpent’s Skull (but who haven’t experienced them as players) will probably find a few surprises over the course of this campaign, but those who have read or played through either will know far too much.

“Jungle Opera”

AGE OF SERPENTS generally takes place in the default Pathfinder campaign setting, the world of Golarion. The story begins in the Mwangi Expanse, and the bulk of the campaign takes place in pulp-style jungle settings influenced by early 20th-century adventure pulps where the players will be trailblazing through primeval forests, raiding hidden temples, discovering lost cities, and contending with savage tribes.

While there is an “overplot” involving an ancient evil that the PCs become entangled in, much of Age of Serpents entails free-form exploration. The story of the characters—what locations they explore, how they approach challenges, who ends up as allies or enemies—is largely in the player’s hands.

(Highly) Recommended Reading

Jungle Opera at TV Tropes: A useful little primer on the genre and themes at play in AGE OF SERPENTS. Though one should beware the rabbit hole that is TV Tropes, this entry provides a general overview of what to expect from the campaign world and, hopefully, the characters created for it. See also, “Tropes of the Jungle.”

Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide Players of AGE OF SERPENTS should familiarize themselves with this free to download spoiler-free primer to the opening chapters of the campaign.

Refugees of Castrovel Players choosing any race from Ultimate Psionics or the Eberron campaign should take a look at this, as the neighboring planet provides them an origin point. These characters are refugees, who along with the lashunta, have been migrating to Golarion in increasing numbers over the years.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Wiki Here is a useful online cyclopedia containing general, spoiler-free details about the Pathfinder campaign world. Players can easily locate relevant background information for their characters here.

House Rules Additions and clarifications to the Pathfinder rules.

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Age of Serpents

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